The Daily Digest for Wednesday 6/16

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The Daily Digest for Wednesday: All NEW Weekly Grocery Deals Started Today, $150 FREE Gift Card Amazon Deal + More! Short list today, as I spent most of the day visiting with my Mom. Who, by the way, is an AMAZING cook, baker, cake decorator and more! I did squeeze a few deals in, and I’ll have the “VERY” Best Grocery Post up later tonight.

You can check out previous Daily Digests too, I keep a week’s worth of deals here.

I’ve changed the format of this a bit to make it easier for you to QUICKLY see the NEWEST Deals for the day (or Weekend Wrap-Ups.) I was struggling with how best to keep some of the previous deals around that were still good, without making it cumbersome to find that day’s New Deals. It seemed a shame to just delete some of the deals after a day that were still really good and long-term. But, I also want you to be able to quickly check on the newest ones, too! So, deals from the SAME day (or weekend wrap-up for 3-days) will be at the very top. Deals that you may want to reference later will follow.

In my Penny Pantry Facebook Group, I post many deals & info. throughout the day including freebies, deal updates & changes, Amazon Deals, meals & recipes, food discounts I run across + more! Some are more timely than others: the Amazon Warehouse Deals tend to come and go quickly, so Facebook is a good platform for me to let you know about those deals quickly.

Posts here on my website take longer to write and deliver, so I primarily use it for Weekly Grocery Deals, and other deals I think you may want to reference later. But, I’d like to bridge that gap as not everyone is on Facebook. Plus, it may be nice to have the Daily Deals together, as the Facebook feeds don’t run exclusively chronologically.

So, I’ll try this out and see how it goes! Please let me know if you think this will be useful as a companion to my Facebook posts. And, if you’re on Facebook and haven’t joined our group yet, I hope you will join and become part of our active, supportive vegan community! <3 Amy

Note on photos: Some may be illustrative of a product, but not the actual product. For example, I may use a general photo of apples I took to report on a sale on apples.

Happy Saving!

NEW Deals – Quick List!

The Daily Digest for Wednesday 6/16

  • All New Weekly Grocery Deals Start Today! See posts here on my website:
  • Grocery Outlet: It’s a great upcoming week! Cantaloupes $1.50, Daiya Ice Cream $1.99/box, So Delicious Creamer $.49, La Croix $.22 per drink + More for Less!
  • So many great advertised deals at Grocery Outlet! These So Delicious Creamers are actually 2/$1, just $.50 ea.! You could use these to make ice cream, I’ve seen quite a few recipes that use creamer. I’ll look for one in a bit.
  • Another Grocery Outlet Sneak Peek: Daiya Ice Cream Bars multipack $1.99. I’ve seen these priced as high as around $6 in other stores! Another flavor pictured, too.
  • Grocery Outlet Sneak Peek – Starts Wed. Whoa! Great Deal on this Vega Powder. I just got the new GO ad, I’ll have Grocery Outlet deals up within the hours if you’re still up. Otherwise, they will be there in the morning for you before the sale starts.
  • Whole Foods All NEW Weekly Deals – Starts Wed. Wowzers! It’s an amazing week again, many deals are continuing for another week. Several Freebies, Up to 70% Off Prepared Foods, Great Deals on Kite Hill, Beyond Meat + Much More!
  • Whole Foods Sneak Peek – “Prepared Foods Prime Day Picks”, 20-70% Off! Hopefully, lots of vegan options are included. I wonder if we’ll see the “Spend $10 at Whole Foods” get $10 in Prime Day money as in years past.

The Daily Digest Tuesday 6/15

  • Sprouts All NEW Weekly Deals – Starts Wed.! Cantaloupes $2, Strawberries & Blueberries on Sale, FREE Chocolove Bars, $.31 Kite Hill Yogurt + Much More for Less! Click below to see my full post:
  • Safeway: $.15 Corn Sale Starts Tomorrow! I’ll have the New Weekly Deals up shortly for Sprouts & Safeway, almost done! I’m planning to freeze some of this corn after cutting off the cob. It’s recommended that you “blanch” it before freezing. Interestingly, in the 20+ years I’ve been recording/tracking grocery prices my “lowest” prices I’ll pay have only gone up a lot in a few areas. Canned corn is one of them, I used to get it regularly for $.25/can. So, I’m excited to get this corn for $.15 in remembrance of days gone by.Safeway All NEW Weekly Deals – Starts Wed.! Highlights: Pick 4 Or More & Save Sale: $.15 Corn, Monthly Sales on Silk & So Delicious, Save on Morningstar & Incogmeato+ Much More for Less!
  • Safeway All NEW Weekly Deals – Starts Wed.! Highlights: Pick 4 Or More & Save Sale: $.15 Corn, Monthly Sales on Silk & So Delicious, Save on Morningstar & Incogmeato+ Much More for Less!
  • Shop Prime Day for FREE! I rounded up all the FREE Amazon Pre-Prime Day money offers I could find so we can shop for FREE during Prime Day! Some of these I’ve shared before, and some are new. Let me know if you know of any others, and I can add them, too. Happy Saving!

The Daily Digest Monday 6/14

  • Safeway Sneak Peek: The $.15 corn sale will be back on Wed.! Will require an app coupon. Look for all my NEW Weekly Deals on my website tomorrow.
  • The strawberries in our salads last night were from the Buy 1, Get 1 Free Safeway sale. Good thru tomorrow.
  • I feel like this past week has flown! I’ll have all New Weekly Deals up tomorrow for the Grocery Stores, and Sneak Peeks later today. We still have two days to take advantage of last week’s deals. Many of the sales are available for online orders, too. I have more info. and discounts in the separate store posts for online ordering.
Just Egg bottles

The Weekend Wrap-Up Fri, Sat. & Sun. 6/11-6/13

Early Prime Day Deals


Walgreen’s, Rite Aid & CVS

  • Drugstores All NEW Weekly Deals – Starts Sunday! FREE Core Bars, FREE Bai Drinks, Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Blue Diamond Almonds, Save on Pantry Items, Ice Cream, Coffee + Much More for Less!


  • WOW! Macy’s: Only $19.99 for these down alternative comforters, Reg. Price up to $130 ! Includes all sizes at the $19.99 price, from twin to king! Sale ends 6/14, many colors available. Thinking these would even be good for picnics/beach trips.
  • Sunday Newspaper Coupons: I’m only seeing two possible vegan coupons for tomorrow: Pearl Milling (formerly Aunt Jemima) and Fiesta seasoning mix. I’ll add them to my list from last week.

Grocery Stores

  • Grocery Outlet: Violife for $.50! Priced at $.99 ea., PLUS Buy 1, get 1 FREE! Our member found this great deal today (Alameda, CA). She also got the Pillsbury Crescent Roll $.50 deal to make veggie pigs in a blanket, yum! Details for Pillsbury & more Weekly Deals
  • Update: Get 3 Chobani Oatmilks for FREE, see under “Free Stuff” below. Safeway Weekend Flash Sale is up and it’s a good one! Chobani Oatmilk just $.99! Can get three. We may have additional coupons to stack, I’ll check. (Update: I put in comments.) The creamer is also $.99. You’ll need to save the coupons in the app: (search “Flash” if you don’t see the offers)
  • Safeway: My $15 trip on Friday. These are all deals I’ve shared, but feel free to ask questions in case you missed anything. Note the crackers were a $5 Friday only deal. Deals that are weekly are here

FREE Stuff

  • It worked! You know, the deal I cooked up at 3 AM LOL. All of these Chobani Oatmilks we got for FREE today at Safeway. Safeway: 3 FREE Chobani Oatmilks! Here’s the deal: Check your offers for these coupons to stack: $.99 price Flash Sale, $2/1 Chobani Oatmilk & $1/1 Chobani Oatmilk with the Flash Sale. If all goes smoothly, score 3 for free! Be sure to save all 3 offers.
  • Target: Get 4 FREE Core Bars! Does expire in two days. Stack this Ibotta with a Target Circle:
  • Free Bai Drinks! Note: states strawberry-kiwi variety. This is an Ibotta rebate, quite a few stores included. Get up to a $20 Welcome Bonus with Ibotta:
  • Local Friends: Be on the lookout for a postcard from the Concord, CA Farmers’ Market with a FREE $3 offer! Can use it to get $3 in fruits & veggies.
  • Safeway: Nice weekend freebie showed up, free pasta sauce! May be available at affiliate stores too, you can check your app offer: Update: I verified the following Safeway affiliate stores also have this FREE Pasta Sauce offer: Vons, Alberstons, Pavillons, Randalls, Shaws, Star Market. Just two days to pick this up.

Amazon Deals

The Daily Digest Thursday 6/10

  • Safeway $5 Friday is Tomorrow! Triscuits $.66/box, Save on Corn, Avocados, Water Bottles $.07 + More! Deals are at the end of this post.
  • Who’s ready for more FREE Beyond Burgers Tomorrow?! We got ours last week, and plan to again tomorrow. Possibly even a MONEYMAKER! I wrote up a little post to guide you:
  • CVS reminder: Beyond Meatballs as low as FREE this week, too!
  • Don’t miss FREE Just Egg, total of 4! (one for you, 3 for friends)
  • Giant Eagle Shoppers: FREE AHA drink! Just load to your store card.
  • Here is my FAVORITE/Cheapest Grocery Deals List for the Week! Annie’s Vegan Mac, Crackers or Cookies $1 ea., 3 FREE Chocolate Bars, FREE Rind Snacks, 2 FREE Kite Hill Yogurts. Lots of Great Deals on Produce, Beyond Meat + Much More!
  • The Burger King Impossible Whopper wasn’t included in the Wed. Whopper deal as it sometimes is. I don’t see any deals online, but this “Buy one, get one for $1” ad came with the page of coupons recently. It must only be visible in the app. Also, a couple of members have reported you can get Impossible Whoppers in one of the meal deals. Remind us which one if you know!
  • My Costco Trip Tonight: Pictured as the featured image above. These are things I get there regularly. Trying the salad pak since you guys suggested it. 🙂 At $3.50, cheaper than the $5 Safeway ones I like. Those seem to last a longer time than others, and sometimes I’ll get an app coupon. But, the Costco price is nice!
  • Costco had a nice deal on these Condiment Picnic Packs with $3 off savings. Just $4.89 ea. after the instant coupon.
Heinz Picnic Pack
  • Exciting news from Target! They will be having “Deal Days” 6/20-6/22 this year. One day BEFORE Amazon, interesting! All the deals will be online, and Food & Beverages are included this year! More info. at link below from Target:
  • RARE $1/2 coupon for Justin’s Nut Butter Cups:
  • Ooooh...Bunny James Gift Boxes are included in the $10 Small Business Promo. Lots of vegan options, Father’s Day gift?
  • Get a $10 credit for Prime Day with Bunny James Gift Boxes. This is currently the most affordable one, easy Father’s Day Gift. I sent one to my Mom at Christmas and she loved it! I used to buy gifts and send them myself, but the shipping can cost more than it’s really worth it to send. These ship for FREE. Vegan Breakfast Snacks Care Package.
  • Big discount on this Bento Lunch Box Set, includes a lot! I just skimmed the reviews, people were pleased this was larger than expected.
  • In Today’s Deals: Sweese Porcelain Tea Infuser Mug. Ace woke me up scratching the wall after 3 hours sleep, may as well check for deals!

Easter Dinner:

  • I made: vegan glazed ham, asparagus, roasted potatoes with rosemary, coleslaw, rolls (or purchased sourdough) and fresh pineapple and cherry cobbler with ice cream for dessert.
My homemade vegan Easter dinner
Homemade vegan birthday cake
Birthday Cake I made for daughter last weekend

some of my vegan cookbooks from my collection

More Deals & Meals:

See Inside the Mystery Box!

  • 🎁Were you wondering what was in the “Mystery Box” in our contest? You can see inside now – our winner Daniel made a video opening it! Thank you so much Daniel Vasquez❤ I also put the link here at the top with the other contest stuff:

Current Weekly Grocery Deals:
See all Current Weekly Deals HERE for Whole Foods, Sprouts, Safeway, Grocery Outet, Food Maxx, Smart & Final, Target, Walgreen’s, CVS & Rite Aid

Amazon Deals:

I’m now sharing the longer-term deals in the quick-lists above. Be sure to check my Facebook Group for lots of deeply discounted faster-moving deals throughout the day, too!

Coupons & Rebates:

  • Safeway Shoppers: Be sure to check your rewards often and use them! I just cashed in mine for a $5 reward. Check the app for “bonus” multipliers like 4x rewards, or extra rewards when you buy in Produce Dept., etc. Here’s more info. on all this:


  • I now have a NEW post dedicated just for Freebies! I’ll be posting all the freebies there now. Link HERE:

Other Online Deals:

  • 🔥$15 off Walmart on Instacart! I’m excited to offer you an Exclusive Promocode for $15 off Walmart Orders via Instacart! They recently teamed up with Walmart, but only in certain areas so far. This includes:
  • San Francisco / Bay Area, CA
  • Los Angeles/ Orange County, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Tulsa, OK

You can use the promocode SPARKSTORE15 Instacart gave to me to share with you! You’ll get $15 off a $50 order, and get your order in as soon as 2 hours.

  • Whole Foods Delivery: If you use Whole Foods Delivery, the sale prices I post in my Weekly Deals are the same online! True, you can’t use coupons, but some of the deals are still really good. Prime Members also get the extra 10% off regular “Sales” like you do in-store. Use my posts as a guide to save money on the items on your list!

Get $30 Off Purple Carrot with promocode CARROT30. You can also view their weekly meals & recipes for FREE inspiration and ideas!

Vegan Meal Delivery Options:

  • Grubhub: Grub Hub Deals: I’m seeing lots of FREE Vegan Delivery Options in my area! (No special code required). Offers tend to be regional, but you should have some FREE offers for delivery, too. Fast Food tends to offer Free Delivery, like Taco Bell and Burger King. Some even have additional $ off discounts.

Veestro Vegan Meal Delivery: I have a new promo code to share: New customers get 30% off subscription with code CONTACTLESS

Purple Carrot: The $30 promocode is still good, use this code: carrot30. The one on the site is only for $20 off.

Update: Looks like the NEW Pinterest setting is working well on my site, pin away! 🙂 You can now pin any of my recipes

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