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Whether you shop at Safeway a little or a lot, using their app every time you shop is a must for saving the most! It’s an easy app to use and navigate, but it’s not JUST useful for your current shopping trip.

There are some lesser-known features I wanted to highlight, so you can save the most money on all of your grocery purchases.


The Safeway Phone app is used in lieu of your Physical Rewards Card. Your phone number is linked to the offers in the app. When you checkout, you can just type in your phone # as you may have done instead of showing the Red Rewards Card.

The beauty of the app is there are MANY more offers you will have access to. The Rewards Card just gives you “Members Reward” prices; the prices based on that week’s ad and specific sales. Better than nothing, but there is much more available on the app!

The app:

All the offers are found in the “Just for U Section” of the Safeway app. It is listed at the far left tab on the bottom of the screen (for Android, may differ for i Phone). After you download the free Safeway app on your phone, go to that section and you will see lots of offers and you can click “Add” for any offers you want saved to your linked phone #.

Personalized Offers:

You will receive personalized offers based on your past purchases. Those will be listed first, and can be found in the “Purchased” tab. I currently have 20 Offers for that type, and many are at a lower price than when I first purchased the item!

The next section of offers is “Items You May Like”. I currently have 269 Offers there! Everyone should have those same deals.

Rewards for FREE Items:

You will notice a “Rewards” Tab at the bottom of the screen. There, you can see if you have earned any “Rewards” that you can redeem for FREE items! (or gasoline discounts). I have spoken with many people who were not aware of this feature, so please check to see if there is any FREE Food waiting for you! You can read more info. on the app on how Rewards work and how points are accumulated. There are also coupons periodically when Safeway has 2x-10x rewards promos, so be on the lookout for those!
Important from Safeway:  Remaining point totals less than 100 at the end of a calendar month expire. Grocery Rewards earned during each calendar month may be used only until the end of the following calendar month, after which such Rewards expire (Rewards earned in January, for example, expire at the end of February). And also this: Offer expires at the end of this month, but item may be claimed until the end of next month.

Avocado cut open halves
Avocados are an item I often get for FREE with just one reward

Other FREE Offers:

Occasionally, there will be an offer for a FREE item. I usually search with the word “FREE” to check, as they are hidden among all the hundreds of other offers.

Coupons from the Ads:

All the paper Safeway Store coupons from the Weekly Flyers are also available on the app, and you can click on them just as you would other offers.

Using other Coupons with the App Offers:

Most of the offers on the app are Safeway Store Deals, and you can use additional Manufacturer Coupons with them. You can also use Rebate apps with these. If the Offer is a Manufacturer Coupon, you cannot use another coupon in conjunction with it. (These are rare, but there are a few.) You can also use a Rebate app, unless the Rebate specifically states you can’t.

“My List” Feature:

There is a tab on the bottom where you can make a shopping list based on the deals you saved, and you can add other items you are shopping for.

I hope these Tips prove to be helpful in saving you the most money while shopping at Safeway!

Happy Saving! 🙂


You CAN use Safeway app offers online!

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Other codes to try:
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