We’re Celebrating 1,000 Facebook Members – with Prizes!

The Penny Pantry Mystery Box of Prizes with my cat Ace

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one of my links, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Penny Pantry! Read My Disclosure Policy

This post may contain affiliate links.  If you click on one of my links, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Penny Pantry! Read My Disclosure Policy

See Inside the Mystery Box Prize! Our winner Daniel made a video opening it. Thank you Daniel, I absolutely love it! <3

my cat Ace with Mystery box of prizes

And the Winners Are….
Watch the Video to See if You Won! (I’ll also contact winners directly)


10/18/20 Note: Contest is Now Closed

Following is a list of everyone who entered. We wanted to make sure we didn’t miss anyone, so please let me know ASAP if you entered and don’t see your name below. Thanks everyone! We’ll be drawing winners on 10/19.

This Calls for a Celebration!

In my Penny Pantry Facebook Group, we just hit 1,000 members! This calls for a celebration! I have a few prizes to give away to FIVE lucky winners. I wish I had more, and I plan to have more giveaways in the future.

The Prizes:

1. A Mystery Box full of vegan treats and pantry items.
2. A Fruit & Vegetable Box from Farm Fresh to You
3. A $5 Starbucks Gift card
4. Another $5 Starbucks Gift card
5. A full-sized Bath & Body Works product
(not pictured)

My cat Ace with box of mystery prizes

How to Enter:

Leave a comment about your FAVORITE current or past deal you found on The Penny Pantry. Be sure your name and contact info. are correct. If you enter on Facebook, you don’t need to leave your contact info unless it differs from Facebook messenger. On my website, make sure you leave contact info.


You can enter here in the comments, or on the comments on Facebook below this post. Please only enter in those areas, so I don’t miss you!

Please only enter ONCE.

Contest will run for one week, deadline to enter is Sunday, 10/18 at 5PM. We will announce the winners on Monday, 10/19.

Winner Selection:

Mr. Penny Pantry is planning to select the prize winners at random from the entrants. Everyone will be assigned a # and a random generator will pick a # that corresponds to the names.


I will announce our winners here and on Facebook. I will also contact you directly with a pm if you win. If you win a food prize, I will ask you about any allergies. I also will need your address to ship your prize. I hope you win!

More Photos of Prizes:

coupon for Free Farm Fresh to You Box
the Farm Fresh to You Box I got recently
Photos of the Farm Fresh to You Box I got recently
Photos of the Farm Fresh to You Box I got recently, showing fruits and veggies I got


29 thoughts on “We’re Celebrating 1,000 Facebook Members – with Prizes!

  1. My favorite deal so far has the giant six pack of Premium Saltines. It may sound strange but I have to take a fair amount of medication and supplements and go through a ton of crackers especially on days when I can’t hold other food down.

  2. I was about to have surgery and I found a post at The Penny Pantry for 3 boxes of Ritz for under 6$ on Amazon. Crackers are a must with soup and soup is a must when you are not feeling so hot. So many other great deals have been shared, but I was too slow to get them. I also like that you give us a heads up when there is a matching Ibotta deal. Thank you for your hard work and sharing all your deals with us.

  3. My favorite deal so far was the BOGO Love, Planet, Beauty. Ok so I’ve probably written the name wrong and I never found the coupon but I did find a $1 off coupon because of it. And Amy Parr is a superstar when it comes to wanting to help out. She really accomplished that goal with this service 💌. Go Amy 🌻

  4. Just pick one deal? Ummm…the latest that comes to mind is black pepper grinders from Amazon! I get so much from your website–thanks!

    1. Thanks Tara, you’re entered! So glad you liked that deal. I’ve learned a lot more about Seventh Generation through our members, too!

  5. Oh! The first deal that I got in on was a warehouse deal on Lärabar!!! I think we still have some left 😂😂😂 I got a little carried away.

    Thank you ☺️

  6. It’s not the offers you share or your delicious recipes, the heads up on weekly ads & how to save money, although I do appreciate them. What I appreciate most about your Facebook page is you. You share information you have gathered and refined from over 20 years. You not only share your experience but you also share yourself, and are an example of what it is to be a blessing to others. You are an inspiration to everyone who decided to check out your Facebook page & decided to join. Thank you for being & doing you!

  7. I got a GREAT deal on a 6 qt Instant Pot because of your post. I love it! Now I’m looking for a deal on the air fryer lid that can be used on it. I love your posts and recipes!

  8. I loved the first rice milk post i see you had posted i think it was the very first post i ever seen in the group i went and loaded up on it we didn’t have to buy any for months !!!

    1. Thanks Christal, you’re entered! I always think of you when I see a Double Donut k-cup deal come up! The prices in the stores are CRAZY! Thank you for all of your support, too!

  9. Favorite deal so far have been the garlic bags! I grow my own crop once a year, and paper bags are always getting messed up during their long storage period. Didn’t even know garlic bags existed, but hey now I do!

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