The Weekend Wrap-Up Fri, Sat. & Sun. 9/17-9/19

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The Weekend Wrap-Up: All NEW Target & Drugstore Deals, Halloween Deals, FREE Stuff, Amazon Deals + Much More for Less!

You can check out previous Daily Digests too, I keep a week’s worth of deals here.

I’ve changed the format of this a bit to make it easier for you to QUICKLY see the NEWEST Deals for the day (or Weekend Wrap-Ups.) I was struggling with how best to keep some of the previous deals around that were still good, without making it cumbersome to find that day’s New Deals. It seemed a shame to just delete some of the deals after a day that were still really good and long-term. But, I also want you to be able to quickly check on the newest ones, too! So, deals from the SAME day (or weekend wrap-up for 3-days) will be at the very top. Deals that you may want to reference later will follow.

In my Penny Pantry Facebook Group, I post many deals & info. throughout the day including freebies, deal updates & changes, Amazon Deals, meals & recipes, food discounts I run across + more! Some are more timely than others: the Amazon Warehouse Deals tend to come and go quickly, so Facebook is a good platform for me to let you know about those deals quickly.

Posts here on my website take longer to write and deliver, so I primarily use it for Weekly Grocery Deals, and other deals I think you may want to reference later. But, I’d like to bridge that gap as not everyone is on Facebook. Plus, it may be nice to have the Daily Deals together, as the Facebook feeds don’t run exclusively chronologically.

So, I’ll try this out and see how it goes! Please let me know if you think this will be useful as a companion to my Facebook posts. And, if you’re on Facebook and haven’t joined our group yet, I hope you will join and become part of our active, supportive vegan community! <3 Amy

Note on photos: Some may be illustrative of a product, but not the actual product. For example, I may use a general photo of apples I took to report on a sale on apples.

Happy Saving!

NEW Deals – Quick List!

The Weekend Wrap-Up Fri, Sat. & Sun. 9/17-9/19


  • Target All NEW Weekly Deals – Starts Sunday! HUGE Circle Event This Week! There will be 100’s of special Circle offers, some will be one-day only. Halloween large bags of Sour Patch will be a great deal.
  • Target: Here We Go!!! The Circle Offers are now live for the Weekly Circle Event. You can check my website for deals as well (link in comments). I’ll be adding new deals later today, too, so check back! You can view all the Circle Offers here, there are some good ones! A few will come later as One-Day Deals, info. in my Target Weekly Deals.
  • Target: The BIG Circle Event Starts Sunday! A few of the deals will be ONE Day only, including the 30% off Halloween candy and 40% off costumes. Details here at the top of my post.
  • Target Ad Sneak Peek! This is the flyer for sales that start Sunday, 9/19. There is an upcoming HUGE Circle Event, 100’s of items will be in “category” % off, like 20% off cereal, 40% off Halloween costumes, etc. Take a peek here:
  • Target: If you find avocados like I did for $.55, pay just $.30 ea. with our printable avocado coupon!
  • At just $1 per box, these Sour Patch Zombie Boxes would be a nice frugal addition to vegan “switch witch” Halloween candy for your kiddos.

Walgreen’s, Rite Aid & CVS


  • Purple Carrot: If you are a new customer, I have a $30 promocode to share with you. This is better than the $20 code on their site. Use code CARROT30 to get $30 off your 1st order! You can check out their menus here:
  • $1 off TruWhip Coupon
  • Sunday Newspaper Coupons: Only one insert today, only vegan are a couple of tomato products. I’ll add these to last week’s post.

Grocery Stores

  • Safeway: Fresh sourdough and French loaves $1 ea. if you have the app coupon! It’s unlimited for the month.
  • Safeway: More stuff I spotted today – Not shown are Boca Burgers that were on sale $3.99 and we have a $1 Ibotta, lots of veggie meats clearance at my local store. I also had a $1 Gardein app coupon saved (sales on those but not pictured), Morningstar clearance too and got lucky with peelie coupons.
  • Sprouts – It’s a Great Week for Deals! There’s the $5 off $30 coupon that will really sweeten all the deals and can be used with other coupons, rebates, etc.
  • Reminder: Great deal on these bars at Sprouts – Just $1.20 ea. for Choclove Chocolate Bars. These could be nice treats for your kids at Halloween, many are vegan.
  • Safeway: We have a Flash Sale! Vegan items include frozen fruit bars, popcorn bags and granola. All just under $2 ea. Save the coupons in the app to get the deals:
  • Safeway: I got the $.97/lb. Peaches and Plums today, Large Watermelon $3.99. Just use your Safeway card for the 1st two, the watermelon requires a coupon. Deals good thru Tuesday:

Online Groceries

  • Chef’Store Warehouse: We tried out Pickup Ordering yesterday. The minimum order is $150, so we stocked up on Torani coffee syrups. These are half the price of Safeway, my local store sells bottles that are half this size for the same price! These large bottles are $5.19 ea. I also got 25 lb. bags of pinto and black beans. It was not easy for me to get to $150, I got a lot! I always shop for the ” lowest price” that I’ve determined with my Price Book.
  • Our Chef’Store Warehouse has Vevan Cheese! They also had shreds, and mozzarella. You can shop in-store, do Order Pickup on their website, or get delivery via Instacart or Shipt.
  • NEW! SkinnyPop Microwave Popcorn Bags, Healthy Snacks Microwavable Bags, Butter, 2.8 Oz, (Pack of 3). Certified vegan, butter flavor is non-dairy. Available to order via Whole Foods Online.

Halloween & Fall Stuff

  • I spotted these vegan Fall creamers and coffees at Target, but other stores will also have these and more. Last year, we found some amazing deals at Grocery Outlet on vegan holiday creamers!
  • Target: Deets on the upcoming fantastic Halloween Candy Deal – ONE Day Only! On Tuesday, we’ll have a Circle Offer for 30% off Halloween Candy priced at $9.99 and $15.99. Our large bags of Sour Patch/Swedish Fish encompass these price points. These 100 ct. bags will be just $6.99 after the Circle, and the 180 ct. ones will be $11.19! We got these bags last year on a similar deal, such a great deal! Trick-or-Treating may look different in your neighborhood due to COVID, last year many of our neighbors set candy out for kids to help themselves. A couple of creative ones even had a socially distanced “launch”. Tuesday is the day for this deal, and I’ll post reminders. Can order online, too. If you don’t have Circle yet, I think there’s still a $5 FREE when you sign up initially.

  • This looks like a neat alternative to carving pumpkins – Pumpkin Punchers Pumpkin carving kit for kids | Pumpkin carving tools | Pumpkin carving stencils | Pumpkin carver kit | safe pumpkin tools (24 pieces).

FREE Stuff

  • Sharing again for new members: A Price Book completely changed my life about 25 years ago. You can use this saving strategy to spend less than $50 per person every month on groceries!

Amazon Deals

The Daily Digest for Thursday, 9/16

  • 50% Off Too Faced Killer Liner, Today Only! This is part of the Ulta Sale Event. Too Faced is cruelty-free , and some of the products are vegan. This is on their vegan list! (I’ll put info. in comments). You can get this at Target on the sale price as they know have Ulta “stores
  • Target: We have thru Saturday on our current Weekly Deals. Save on Cat Scratcher Houses, Halloween Candy, Salads Packs + More! The new ad that starts Sunday should be up after 10 PM tonight, too, for us to take a peek.
  • Our Chef’Store Warehouse has Vevan Cheese! They also had shreds, and mozzarella.
  • Happy National Guacamole Day – Select Taco Bells have free side of guac with orders! May be app only.
  • We have an AMAZING Week of Grocery Deals! Many of the deals can be had online, too. I just arrived at Safeway to take advantage of some of my favorites, can’t wait to share!
  • Target’s Holiday Winter Wondershop is now Online. “Window” Shop from home! There is an entire section of Pet Outfits, the little sweaters and hats are so cute! You can even get matching outfits for dogs and cats.
  • Rite Aid: I put together a deal to get TWO Vegan Cover Girl Mascaras for just $.49 ea.! Details here under “Rite Aid” heading:
  • Cover Girl now has over 40 vegan products, and the company as a whole is certified cruelty-free! If you wanted to do the Rite Aid deal I shared with different products besides the mascara, here’s a list from theri website.
  • Whole Foods: Nice discount on these No Evil Products this week. Deal is in-store, and also online here for Pickup/Delivery. For in-store, there’s even an Ibotta to save even more.
  • Printable Coupon Roundup: We currently have coupons for Vegan (Clean line) Covergirl, Avocados, Enjoy Life, Prego & Ragu Pasta Sauces + More! You’re usually allowed to print two of each
  • 99 Cents Only Store: Avocados 2/$1 only $.50 ea.! I just got a text about this deal, said won’t last long!
  • There’s a $2 coupon to clip on these pretty bowls, love these! My everyday set of dishes are white with a hobnail pattern, and I add various different colored pieces to them, lots of blue. DeeCoo Porcelain Bowls Set (18-Ounce, 6-Piece) – Bowls .
  • Make Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombs! Good deal on these molds in the Outlet. If you’ve made these and/or have pix, please share!
  • I found some Halloween sprinkles without confectioners’ glaze, in a bulk bag: Sprinkles Halloween Sprinkles – Bulk Sprinkles -16 Oz – Orange, Black, Purple and White Jimmies.
  • These are on a discount. 10 left! Enjoy Life Allergy Friendly Dark Chocolate Minis Halloween Candy, 18 Individually Wrapped Squares (6.3 Oz).

The Daily Digest for Wednesday, 9/15

All NEW Weekly Grocery Deals Start Today – In-store and Online Deals Await! See my full posts here, and I’ll have my VERY Best List with my favorites later today, too.

  • Want to save some serious money this week on your groceries? Vegan/plant-based doesn’t have to be expensive! Check out my favorite deals this week, from $.25 Avocados to $.99 Kale, FREE Chobani Oatmilk + even more FREE Items!
  • Grocery Outlet All NEW Weekly Deals – Starts Wed. We Have a Big List this Week! Produce Sales, $.99/5 lbs. Arrowhead Organic Flour, Hilary’s Burgers & Sausages $1.50, Save on Milks, Seventh Generation+ Much More for Less!
  • Grocery Outlet Sneak Peek – Hilary’s Burgers & Sausages Just $1.50 per pack! It looks like a good week with some new items (those should be widespread), Produce Sales and some repeats of previous weeks.
  • Member Share: Nice Freebie! Gina passed along this offer, get 3 FREE Hallmark Kindness Cards, geared to give kids. Spread Kindness!
  • Do you have a favorite vegan Halloween candy? Let us know in comments!
  • Reminder: Here’s how to get a 20% off Spirit coupon:

The Daily Digest for Tuesday, 9/14

  • Food Maxx: Avocados Just $.25 ea., and you can get SIX! They’re on sale for $.50 ea. for another week. Just use the $.75/3 printable avocado coupon (can print 2x) we have here.
  • Sprouts – We have a FANTASTIC Week of Deals Starting Tomorrow! $5 off $30 Coupon, Cantaloupes $1.66, 25% off Fall Items, Chocolove Bars $1.20 +Much More for Less!
  • Sprouts: Chocolove Bars Just $1.20 ea.! Starts tomorrow. These would be great to include in your kids’ vegan Halloween treats. Easy deal, just use your phone. Details here under “Pantry/Snacks”:
  • Sprouts Sneak Peek – Starts Wed. 20% Off Bulk Snacks! Look for my NEW Sprouts Weekly Deals later today.
  • Sprouts: Kashi cereal as low as $1 per box, starts Wed.! Details here under “Pantry”:
  • Sprouts: With the $5 off $30 coupon, all the deals will be potentially even better! Think of it like an additional 16% off an item. The coupon will be in your app offers tomorrow, should be pre-loaded.
  • It’s going to be an amazing week of savings at Safeway! Peaches, Nectarines or Black Plums $.97/lb., Large Watermelons $3.99, Chobani Oatmilk $.50 moneymaker, Progresso Soup $1 (Friday only), + Much More for Less!
  • Sure sign that Fall is Near: When we see our 1st $1 Progresso Soup Sale! This will be a Friday ONLY Deal at Safeway.

The Daily Digest for Monday, 9/13

  • It’s HERE – My All NEW Vegan Halloween Candy Guide for 2021! Ingredients to look out for, list of common vegan candies, where to buy, deals + More! Check this post, and let me know any of YOUR faves that aren’t included, and I’ll add them:
  • Safeway: Starting Wed. we’ll have a MONEYMAKER on Chobani Oatmilk! They’ll be $.99 with a store price coupon, limit 3. You can stack the $1.50/1 newspaper coupon we had and/or load a $1.50 to your Safeway card on Go to “digital coupons” in the drop down menu to find it. You may want to get ready by setting this up before Wed., you’ll need to link your Safeway card. There are some high-value coupons here, the savings come off at the register.
  • NEW Printable Coupon for Avocados! I had a feeling this may show up after we got the Ibotta for avocados, very happy to see it. They’re both $.75/3, so stacked that’s $1.50 off three. Will make for some great deals!
  • Target: There’s a 15% off Circle Offer for these Sensible Portions Veggie Chips Ghosts & Bats this week. I often get these to add to daughter’s Halloween treats.
  • Has anyone tried this? 365 by WFM, Topping Whipped Oat-Based, 6.25 Ounce.
  • Oooohhh…yummy! Abe’s Vegan Pumpkin Spice Mini Muffins, 12 Pack. Can order online if you have Whole Foods Delivery:
  • Reminder: Sale on JUST Egg thru Tuesday at Whole Foods.
  • Is it too early to talk tofu pumpkin pie? Nah! Thinking that oat whipped cream I just posted would be a yummy topping for this. I LOVE this pie, hands down my favorite pie.

The Weekend Wrap-Up Fri., Sat. & Sun. 9/10-9/12

Grocery Stores

  • Ends TODAY! Sprouts Reminder: 72 Hour Sale, Fri-Sun. Pineapples just $.98 ea. and Cashews $4.99/lb. are my faves. We have the FREE Pickup offer right now, too you could use (coupon code in this link). Info. for both at the top of my post here
  • We’ll be using our pineapple slicer a lot after stocking up on $.99 pineapples at Sprouts!
  • Sprouts: One of the new app coupons we have is Buy 1 Lightlife Tempeh, get Lightlife Chik’n Nuggets or Filets FREE. This is a nice savings, as the lowest priced tempeh is $3.29, and the chik’n is over $6! I’ll add this to my list soon, and you can also see lots more Sprouts Deals in my Weekly Deals Post.
  • We have thru Tuesday on our Weekly Grocery Deals, these are my favorites from my full posts. I’ll have some Sneak Peeks for Safeway for the new week later today, too.


  • Target New Ad Preview! The ad that starts Sunday, 9/12 is now up on their site. My favorites at 1st glance are the sale on Impossible Burgers, Buy 1 Get 1 50% off Salad Paks & and 10% off Cat Scratcher Houses. You can check out the entire ad here:

Walgreen’s, Rite Aid & CVS

  • Drugstores All NEW Weekly Deals – Starts Sunday! FREE Blake’s & Core Bars, Save on Halloween Candy, Pantry Items, Snacks, Ice Cream, Beverages+ Much More for Less!


See more Halloween in Amazon Deals below, too

  • Natural Candy Store: Vegan Halloween Candy is Starting to Arrive! More is coming, too. I’ve ordered from this company for over a decade, great selection and VERY carefully packaged. Special splurge treats, not very frugal! FREE Samples with every order!
  • Target: New Circle offers came out today, and there’s one for 20% off Halloween Candy! I’m almost done with my Vegan Halloween Guide for 2021, I’ll have it up this afternoon.
  • Target: Select Cat Scratcher Houses will be 10% off starting tomorrow! Pictured are our members’ cats from last Halloween. How cute are they?! If you have any new photos, (whether holiday or not) please share and I’ll make a new collage.
Halloween cat scratcher houses with Penny Pantry members cats collage

Coupons & Rebates

  • Sunday Newspaper Coupon Preview: There will be 4 inserts! Just a few for vegan, but a couple of really good ones, including Blue Diamond almonds, and a $3/1 Cover Girl we can stack with the Walgreen’s deal starting tomorrow for the vegan mascara.
  • NEW Rare Avocado Ibotta Rebate! A member just alerted me about this, thanks Marcella! The rebate is $.75/3 Avocados from Mexico (most are). I see several stores listed, separate offers. Get Ibotta and a Welcome Bonus HERE
  • Earthbound Farms Coupon: Check your e-mails for a high-value $2.50/2 printable coupon. Looks like this is only if you receive the e-mails. You can sign up to get future offers here:

Online Grocery Deals

  • Reminder: 1st Instacart Delivery is FREE, no code required!

FREE Stuff

  • Safeway: FREE Hummus! I was thinking we needed more freebies this weekend, and found this. Now, where was that pot of gold I was looking for…LOL. Hummus is pure gold in my book, though! Exp. 9/13. Act fast! This deal will also be at Safeway affiliates: Albertson’s, Randalls, Pavillons, Vons, Shaws & Star Mkt. To get this deal for a 10 oz. container of O Organics Hummus (asst. flavors) load a coupon to your store card:

Amazon Deals

The Daily Digest for Thursday, 9/09

  • Reminder: Free Alpha Breakfast Sandwich Ends Soon! Looks like the Ibotta expires in 3 Days if you wanted to use that too. Safeway: FREE Alpha Foods Breakfast Sandwich! There is a new app coupon to get this for free, exp. 9/14. Be sure to save the coupon in the app. Update: You can get these for FREE with just the Safeway app coupon, and there is also a $1.99 Ibotta for a moneymaker. I’m going to grab two and pay $1 for each.
  • Sprouts: Enlightened Ice Cream pint just $.99 ea. with a new $3 app coupon! I see a couple of vegan options.
  • Whole Foods Buy 3, Get 1 Free Nutrition Bar Sale Update: There may be a few Ibottas to use with the sale. I was going to check Whole Foods Delivery online, but looks like it’s in-store only. I see a One Plant, couple of Clif bars and others you can check at the store. If you’re new to Ibotta, you can get up to a $20 Welcome Bonus too.
  • Don’t miss these stand out Weekly Deals:

Food I’ve Made

  • I made: vegan glazed ham, asparagus, roasted potatoes with rosemary, coleslaw, rolls (or purchased sourdough) and fresh pineapple and cherry cobbler with ice cream for dessert.
My homemade vegan Easter dinner
Homemade vegan birthday cake
Birthday Cake I made for daughter last weekend

some of my vegan cookbooks from my collection

More Deals & Meals:

See Inside the Mystery Box!

  • 🎁Were you wondering what was in the “Mystery Box” in our contest? You can see inside now – our winner Daniel made a video opening it! Thank you so much Daniel Vasquez❤ I also put the link here at the top with the other contest stuff:

Current Weekly Grocery Deals:
See all Current Weekly Deals HERE for Whole Foods, Sprouts, Safeway, Grocery Outet, Food Maxx, Smart & Final, Target, Walgreen’s, CVS & Rite Aid

Amazon Deals:

I’m now sharing the longer-term deals in the quick-lists above. Be sure to check my Facebook Group for lots of deeply discounted faster-moving deals throughout the day, too!

Coupons & Rebates:

  • Safeway Shoppers: Be sure to check your rewards often and use them! I just cashed in mine for a $5 reward. Check the app for “bonus” multipliers like 4x rewards, or extra rewards when you buy in Produce Dept., etc. Here’s more info. on all this:


  • I now have a NEW post dedicated just for Freebies! I’ll be posting all the freebies there now. Link HERE:

Other Online Deals:

  • 🔥$15 off Walmart on Instacart! I’m excited to offer you an Exclusive Promocode for $15 off Walmart Orders via Instacart! They recently teamed up with Walmart, but only in certain areas so far. This includes:
  • San Francisco / Bay Area, CA
  • Los Angeles/ Orange County, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Tulsa, OK

You can use the promocode SPARKSTORE15 Instacart gave to me to share with you! You’ll get $15 off a $50 order, and get your order in as soon as 2 hours.

  • Whole Foods Delivery: If you use Whole Foods Delivery, the sale prices I post in my Weekly Deals are the same online! True, you can’t use coupons, but some of the deals are still really good. Prime Members also get the extra 10% off regular “Sales” like you do in-store. Use my posts as a guide to save money on the items on your list!

Get $30 Off Purple Carrot with promocode CARROT30. You can also view their weekly meals & recipes for FREE inspiration and ideas!

Vegan Meal Delivery Options:

  • Grubhub: Grub Hub Deals: I’m seeing lots of FREE Vegan Delivery Options in my area! (No special code required). Offers tend to be regional, but you should have some FREE offers for delivery, too. Fast Food tends to offer Free Delivery, like Taco Bell and Burger King. Some even have additional $ off discounts.

Veestro Vegan Meal Delivery: I have a new promo code to share: New customers get 30% off subscription with code CONTACTLESS

Purple Carrot: The $30 promocode is still good, use this code: carrot30. The one on the site is only for $20 off.

Update: Looks like the NEW Pinterest setting is working well on my site, pin away! 🙂 You can now pin any of my recipes

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Images used in this post are my own original photos or supplied by my advertisers with permission in promotion of their products.


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