Grocery Outlet Weekly Vegan Deals 6/12-6/18

Grocery Outlet Cart with Oatly milks

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Highlights: $5 Off $25 Coupon, Skinny Pop $.50!

These are the BEST DEALS for plant-based and vegan groceries that are advertised starting Wednesday at my Grocery Outlet store

Shopping Tips for Grocery Outlet:

Selection can vary among stores, so you may want to check the flyer for your area before heading out.  You can look at your area’s weekly flyer HERE.

However, I have found that even if something is advertised at a different store, chances are it can be found at several stores, and often even beyond that week’s ad. You can go HERE and see past week’s deals that you may still find at your store.

Since shopping at Grocery Outlet is a treasure hunt,  you are bound to find additional deals!  Don’t miss their “NOSH” section, where you will find many plant-based deals.  You can read about various ways to obtain store coupons for Grocery Outlet in my post HERE.

Happy Saving! 🙂

Note: I do my best to only include items that are vegan, but some of the items at Grocery Outlet I am not always familiar with. I do look up ingredients for these products, but sometimes they are closeouts and difficult to get info. about. I trust you check ingredients as diligently as I do! 🙂

Note on photos: Some may be illustrative of a product, but not the actual product. For example, I may use a general photo of apples I took to report on a sale on apples.

Prices and availability may vary per locations.

These are sales that are advertised at my local store in Pleasant Hill, CA this week. You can also check your area’s flyers HERE.

$5 Off $25 Grocery Outlet Coupon! Just show the barcode.

Note: Just a few advertised vegan items this week. Check out my recent Grocery Outlet Facebook post to see more deals I scored this week that you may also find.

•Campbells Well Yes! Spicy Chickpea Soup $.69

Skinny Pop White Cheddar Popcorn 1 oz. $.50

Rhythm Watermelon Slices 1.4 oz. $1.99

•Endangered Species Dark Chocolate Spiced Bar $.99

•Hu Almond Butter or Cashew Butter Chocolate Bars, asst. $1.99

& Beverages

So Delicious Almond Milk Unsweetened Original $.99

Ocean Spray Diet Cran Grape Drink 25 oz. $.99

Images used in this post are my own original photos or supplied by my advertisers with permission in promotion of their products


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