My Vegan Valentine’s Day Candy & Chocolate Guide for 2022

Swedish Fish Hearts bag

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Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday! There’s just something about celebrating love AND heart-shaped foods that tugs at my heartstrings. These are my Top Picks for Vegan Valentine’s Day Chocolate and Candy. We have some time if we need to order anything. Keep in mind, however, that seasonal vegan candy and chocolate does tend to sell out. We started off with a lot of choices this past Valentine’s Day, and were down to 1-2 items on all of Amazon.

Non-Vegan Ingredients to Look Out for in Candy

Besides the obvious ones like milk, gelatin, eggs, etc. here are some lesser-known non-vegan/potentially non-vegan ingredients:

  • Confectioner’s glaze (insect-based)
  • Shellac (insect-based)
  • Resinous Glaze (insect)
  • Carmine (beetles)
  • Vit. D3 (usually not vegan)
  • Albumen (eggs)
  • Natural flavors (can be either animal or plant-based)

Special note on the popular conversation hearts:

Many conversation hearts aren’t vegan due to gelatin and/or egg whites. But, we do have some vegan options!
Vegan Conversation Hearts include Wonkas’ Sweetart Hearts & Sour Patch Hearts. Note: Brach’s classic Conversation hearts are NOT vegan, as they contain gelatin.

Online Ordering Options

Note: We sometimes get big fluctuations in prices for holiday items, if something has shot way up in price consider it a guide. You may be able to find a better deal elsewhere. I’m always happy to check/recommend other sources as well. Also, please check delivery dates as seasonal items can run low and may be back-ordered.

Vegan Chocolate Boxes

These are available to order from Amazon, I’m anticipating we’ll have more chocolate box options soon.

Fine, Artisanal, Vegan Chocolate Gift: Amore di Mona 16 Piece Gold Amore Assortment:

No Whey Foods – Chocolate Heart Boxes:

No Whey Foods – Chocolate Truffle Collection (24 Pieces) – Vegan

No Whey Foods – Signature Truffle Collection (6 Pieces)

This one isn’t currently in stock, but looked impressive! Hopefully available soon. Vegan Edible Chocolate Heart Filled With Truffles

Other Misc. Candy Online:

Pink Panda Sour Gummies Vegan Candy – Gluten Free Low Calorie Candy Makes the Perfect Healthy Snack (Peachy Hearts, 6-Pack)

We have many vegan options for Valentine’s Day, from candy to chocolate.

No Whey Foods – Valentine’s Day Lollipop Collection (3 Lollipops) 

Oh! Nuts Heart Shaped Red Lollipops – 1 LB Bag

Brachs Jube Jel Cherry Hearts Valentines Day Jelly Candy Bulk Pack of 4 Bags – 12 oz Per Bag – 48 oz Total – Fruity, Chewy, Cherry Flavored Jube Jel Valentine Candy

Cocomels Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Bites

Natural Candy Store Online:

Natural Candy store logo

Natural Candy Store is my go-to for my special holiday candy and chocolates. They have many vegan options.

I have been ordering from this company since 2012. I order my holiday vegan candy and chocolate for my daughter from them, and have always been impressed with the quality and selection.

Promocode for 10% Off: text the word NATURAL to 50812

You can also try to use the Promo Code WelcomeCC to get 1/4 lb. of Free Candy!  (This is an older code, let me know if it still works for you!)
Free Samples: They do include Free Samples that you can choose with every order as well.

Options in the Stores

There are some vegan candies you may be able to find at your local stores, and there are online ordering options for pickup, delivery.


Target carries some vegan candies/treats:
(check ingredients of ones I haven’t listed carefully!)
See all their Valentine Candy here, please check ingredients! I see Sour Patch Hearts, Swedish Fish Hearts + More.

I spotted these Oreo heart boxes at my local Target store:

Oreo Valentine's box at Target marked $4.99

Walgreen’s, Rite Aid & CVS

The Drugstores will have some vegan options, just check for the ingredients I listed at the top of this post.

You can also check out Valentine Candy Sales for the week at the Drugstores in my weekly post here.

Skittles heart Valentine box
These were at CVS

Dollar Tree

You can order candy online from the Dollar Tree and have it shipped for FREE to your local store!

Check ingredients carefully! Some companies will have accidentally vegan of one flavor or type, but not all. Example: Nerds has some flavors of vegan candies, but not all! Enjoy Life had a nice chocolate Halloween variety pack this year, but one of the candies was not vegan.

Valentine's sour patch heart boxes and heart box
Look for candies like these in multipacks at The Dollar Tree, I often find theater candy holiday boxes too

Grocery Stores

Similar to Target, and the Drugstores. Candy bags may be more common than boxes.

Homemade Chocolates:

Making your own chocolates can be fun and very frugal! You can use the silicone mold year after year. My best price for chocolates are Trader Joes’s chocolate chips at $1.99/pack. They melt very easily for these molds.

I’ve also used and liked this white chocolate:

Silicone Heart Molds – there are many options online!

These are Conversation Heart Molds:

You may also enjoy my other Valentine’s post with baking items:


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