Whole Foods Weekly Deals & Matchups 11/26-11/30

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Whole Foods Weekly Deals – Starts Wed. Save on Prepared Chef’s Plate Items, Prepared Meatless Meatballs, Kale, Chard & Collard Greens +Much More for Less!

Prime Members also get 10% extra off sale prices! You can just use the Amazon app for the Prime Member Deals, and there is a barcode the cashier will scan.

These are the BEST Deals I see advertised at Whole Foods the week starting Wed. for plant-based & vegan groceries.

The deals are advertised in my area in Northern CA. Some prices may be regional. You can always check your store ad online before heading out.

Note on photos: Some may be illustrative of a product, but not the actual product. For example, I may use a general photo of apples I took to report on a sale on apples.

Happy Saving! 🙂

Prime Members can get 2-Hour Whole Foods Delivery
Note: starting 10/25 there will be a $9.95 charge for delivery
Store Pickup also available for free in one hour. This will still be free after 10/25

(If available in your regional area)

Some of the sale prices will be the same for Whole Foods online ordering, too!

Sale Prices for Everyone:
+Prime gets an extra 10% off!
(if advertised for the week)

We do have several Ibottas for fresh produce, can check if they apply to your purchases

Important to Note: For the 1st time ever, I’m seeing some sales listed as “In-store Only”. This means the prices will differ for Whole Foods Online Orders. (Usually, they’re the same). So far, I’m mainly seeing this in the Produce Dept.

Note: You’ll notice I’m not including prices. I’m not allowed per Amazon to mention specific prices of products I link to, as prices change frequently. Current prices will be shown on their website, or sometimes in special image links they provide to me. In an effort to bring you more Online Whole Foods Deals, I’ll be providing more approved links to those deals.

You can see prices for in-store sales HERE. The “front page” has the Featured Current Weekly Deals, and I also include deals found under “Explore Deals and Sales by Category” that last more than one week.

You can see prices for Whole Foods Online HERE. Many of the advertised Whole Foods Sales are also available for Delivery & Pickup via Amazon Online. Note not all areas will offer this, can check with your zipcode. Other areas may have Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery.

Quick Price Checks:
Prices for in-store sales HERE
Prices for Whole Foods Online HERE

Note: The following list contains “on sale” items that I thought you may like, but there’s more! Use the above links to explore more that may be of interest to you.

Prepared Foods & Coffee Bar

Meatless Meatballs with Orange Sauce and Broccoli & Macrobiotic Miso Kale 15% Off

Chef’s Plates 25% Off!

Save 20% on Hot Soups Check for vegan thru December


Prime also gets 10% off the Produce Prices shown (if on sale)

These Produce Deals are advertised for in-store only:

Organic Large Avocados In-Store Sale

Blueberries pint In-Store Sale

Organic Gala Apples In-Store Sale

Organic Gala Apples In-Store Sale

Mandarins 48 oz. In-Store Sale

Can also shop different deals for Whole Foods Produce Online for Delivery or Pickup

The following list are advertised sale items in Whole Foods Stores this week. SOME of the sales will be online for Whole Foods Delivery on the Amazon website. I’ll link to some that are available for both in-store and online.

Pantry, Bread & Snacks

Muir Glen Tomato Products

Muir Glen Tomatoes cans
Muir Glen Tomatoes

Louisville Jerky

Cascadian Farm Cereal and Granola

Farmers’ Market Organic Pumpkin Puree

King Arthur Flours & Mixes, asst.

Bob’s Flour, asst.

Dandie’s Marshmallows

Organicville Condiments & Dressings

Daiya Cheezy Mac Deluxe

Back to Nature Pistachio Cashew Almond Mix 9 oz.

Endangered Species Chocolate Bars

Justin’s Peanut Butter Cups


Skinny Pop

Louisville Vegan Jerky

Abe’s Vegan Mini Muffins Everyday price

OHI Superfood Bars
Submit for the FREE Ibotta Offer for any variety or size OHI Superfood Bars

Alternative Baking Company, Cookie Phenomenal Pumpkin Spice Vegan, 4.25 Ounce Reg. price


Zevia Soda 6 pack

Daiya Cheezecakes

Daiya Foods Style Shreds Mozzarella
Others may be included

Cascadian Farm Frozen Vegetables

Forager Yogurt Cups
Other Forager also on sale

Nancy’s Oat Yogurt Cups

So Delicious Coconut French Vanilla Creamer 32 oz.

Nut Pods Toasted Marshmallow 11.2 oz.

Cascadian Farm Frozen Vegetables 10-12 oz.

Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon

Sweet Earth Seitan

Wildwood Organic Tofu

Wildwood Organic Baked Teriyaki Tofu

Lightlife Bacon Strips

Sweet Earth Chik’n Strips

Cedar’s Hommus

Just Egg Folded
Submit for the $.25/1 Ibotta for Just Egg Folded

Just Egg Bottles
Submit for the $1.50/1 Ibotta for Just Egg Bottles Will make for a great deal!

bottles of Just Egg
My Whole Foods food delivery at my doorstep
I tried Whole Foods Delivery and was impressed by how well everything was packaged and carefully delivered.

Prime Members can get Whole Foods Delivered with 2-hour Delivery!
Note: starting 10/25 there will be a $9.95 charge for delivery
Store Pickup also available for free in one hour. This will still be free after 10/25

My Whole Foods Shopping Trip that includes Just Egg, Beyond Sausage Links, Bearitos puffs and Kite Hill Yogurt

Some of the sale prices will be the same for online ordering, too.

Images used in this post are my own original photos or supplied by my advertisers with permission in promotion of their products.


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