Warning to Vegans: Vitamin D3 in Cereal

Blasted Shreds cereal boxes

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I just discovered that some of my daughter’s favorite cereals contain Vitamin D3, which is not vegan and most likely derived from sheep.  🙁  Apparently, Kellogg’s and other cereal manufacturers starting adding this to their products, including cereal.    I have been vegan 8 years and vegetarian almost 30 years and this was news to me.

If you are vegan and following my website, I apologize for previously including these cereals in my Weekly Deals. We had changed margarine brands before due to this issue as well.

I WILL find other awesome cereal deals for you that don’t include D3!   Going forward,  I will not post any cereal deals that contain D3.  These include Kellogg’s (except unfrosted mini wheats) and General Mills (Except Shreds). Update 02/07/19:  I have noticed Vit. D3 in other cereals recently, including new versions of Post.

Here is a list of vegan cereal that you may like:

List of vegan cereals can be found  HERE

I will add to this list with weekly deals, too!

My daughter was relieved that Quaker Captain Crunch does not contain D3! 🙂

Boxes of Cap'n Crunch and Oatmeal Squares Cereal


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