Sushi Platters at Whole Foods – How to Order

Veggie Sushi Platter from Whole Foods

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Update 6/03/21: My local store stopped making these due to COVID. I’m hoping they make a comeback soon! Also, I discovered that some stores that were carrying the sushi platters earlier only took phone orders for it. You can always call your local store and check, too.

I shared this with my Facebook Group yesterday, and it was a very popular post! A lot of people were asking about how to order it, so here is more info. 🙂

The one in the picture that we got last night is the 58 piece “Very Veggie Platter. It cost $35.99 at my local store. It is REALLY good, too! Very fresh, the assortment is nice and a lovely presentation.

To order online: (with 48 hour or more notice)

  • Go to Whole Foods Website
  • Go to Order Online
  • Click on “Meals & Catering”
  • Type in your location
  • You will see the choices available. The “Very Veggie Platters” are vegan. These are the two listed at my local Whole Foods:

Note: Brown rice sushi is available too, priced higher.

To order online (with less than 48 hour notice): Call your store directly, tell them you want to order a sushi platter, and you will be transfered to someone who will take your order.

We have been ordering this for special occasions for years. My Mom was over last night, and she said she ordered sushi recently and paid over $100 for a similar platter. The smaller one might be nice to bring to a potluck. The larger one is always plenty for a gathering/party at my house.

Enjoy! 🙂


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