Sunday Newspaper Coupon Preview 6/06 & 6/13

Larabars Multi-pack Boxes

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These are the vegan/plant-based coupons we are expecting in the Sunday newspaper.

We’ll see coupons for Larabars, Chex Mix, Nature Valley Bars+ More!

I thought it may be helpful to know what vegan and plant-based grocery coupons will be found in this week’s Sunday newspaper. Perhaps you just want to buy a newspaper on an occasional basis for the coupons, and this may help you decide. Or, you get a newspaper delivered and want to know quickly what may interest you.

This post may contain affiliate links.  If you click on one of my links, I may receive a small compensation at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Penny Pantry! Read My Disclosure Policy

Newspaper coupons can vary slightly in regional areas. Your newspaper may not have every coupon in my list. If I know a coupon is strictly regional, I will mention it. The larger the city, the more coupons they tend to have. I get one newspaper delivered, and that works fine for my needs. You can read my post how I utilize coupons HERE.

I hold onto my coupon inserts until they expire, as deals will come up in the future weeks where we can use these coupons to stack with sales and other savings like rebate apps. I write the date and the abbreviation on the front of each insert, making it easy to find later when I’m looking for a specific coupon.

Each coupon insert has a name, and I give the abbreviation for that in my deal posts. Take for example the “Smartsource” coupon insert. You will see any coupons I reference from there with the date and “SS” in my posts.

I have heard that some Dollar Tree Stores sell the Sunday paper. That would be much cheaper than buying a single paper elsewhere. Home Delivery deals are plentiful, too. I got a year’s worth of Sunday papers delivered for $12. You could always call your local subscription office and ask what “the best deal” is right now.

Couponing does not have to feel like a chore; it can be a small yet worthwhile strategy in reducing your grocery costs. I detail all the strategies I learned in reducing my grocery expenses by 90% HERE.

Happy Saving! 🙂

If you are looking for more coupons, you can also go HERE and print many others.

Note on photos: Some may be illustrative of a product, but not the actual product. For example, I may use a general photo of apples I took to report on a sale on apples.

Please check ingredients carefully, some products may have some, but not all vegan options.

SAVE 6/13

  • $1/1 Fiesta Seasoning Jar of Spices Exp. 9/30
  • $1/1 Fiesta Uncle Chris Gourmet Steam Seasoning Jar of Spices Exp. 9/30
  • $2/1 Nature’s Truth Vitamin or Supplement Exp. 8/13

Smartsource (SS) 6/13

  • $1/2 Pearl Milling Product (formerly Aunt Jemima) not valid on cups Exp. 7/25

Smartsource (SS) 6/06

  • $4/1 Ensure Multipacks, any TWO Exp. 7/18 Use on vegan one
  • $1/1 Fiji Multipack or Case Pack 330ml or larger, any Exp. 8/06
  • $1/2 General Mills Nature Valley Granola Pouches, any TWO Exp. 7/17 Also included are other GM cereal, this is the only one without Vit. D3, check ingredients for vegan
  • $2/5 Nature Valley Bars and Snacks, Mott’s Fruit Flavored Snacks, Fruit Roll-Ups, Betty Crocker Fruit Flavored Snacks, Chex Mix, Bugles, Gardetto’s, Larabar Bars any FIVE Exp. 8/22 Check fruit snacks for gelatin, Traditional Chex mix is vegan
    Exp. 7/31
Nature Valley Bars

SAVE (formerly called Retail Me Not) SAVE 6/06

  • $1.50/1 Kellogg’s Cereals Including Kellogg’s Jumbo Snax 5.04oz or larger, any THREE Most contain non-vegan Vit. D3, check ingredients Exp. 7/18
  • various Nature’s Bounty Vitamin or Supplement, Exp. 7/04
  • $2/1 Sundown Product, any Exp. 6/20

Coupon Cutting Scissors:

These are the scissors I have been using for many years to cut coupons, recommended by the Arthritis Association:

Coupon organizer:

Images used in this post are my own original photos or supplied by my advertisers with permission in promotion of their products.

Target images credit: Shared with permission from their website


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