Restaurant Style Salsa in 5 minutes!

restaurant style salsa in mason jar

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This is one of my favorite things to make, as it is so simple to make, yet tastes really good! It’s great with homemade baked tortilla chips, on all Mexican Foods, and to dress up tofu scramble.

The ingredients are deceptively easy for how yummy it tastes!

Bottled salsa can be expensive, and has that cooked taste that doesn’t taste fresh. This uses canned tomatoes, yet tastes fresh!

Restaurant Style 5 minute Salsa
Yield: 4 cups (You can easily cut this in half or even by 1/4. I just always make large batches).
Cost: About $1.25 per 4 cup batch


4 cups whole canned tomatoes, drained (Can also use chopped, in this case it turns out best to chop onion ahead with garlic and process before adding tomatoes. Pulse all ingredients briefly.)

1 onion (I prefer white)

4 cloves garlic

1 canned jalapeno, or fresh. Can use more or less.

1 c. fresh cilantro (more or less, to your preference) Optional: If you don’t like or don’t have cilantro, you can use 1 tsp. ground coriander instead

1 TB lime or lemon juice

1 tsp. ground cumin

1 tsp. Italian seasoning, optional

1/2 tsp. salt

Few grinds fresh pepper


Add garlic to blender, and chop. Add all other ingredients and pulse a few times until the consistency is to your liking. Taste, and adjust seasonings if needed. Enjoy!

Cans of Muir Glen tomatoes

Cost Notes: I buy the large 6.6 lb. cans of tomatoes for $.43/lb. at US Foods Chef’Store. If you don’t want to buy such a large can, keep an eye out for sales and stock up at your best price.


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