Oatmeal for Breakfast – About 10¢ per Serving!

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You can save hundreds of $$$ a year per person just by changing the way you buy oatmeal!  (For Bob’s Red Mill!)

We eat oatmeal nearly every morning for breakfast, and by buying it in bulk, it is only 10¢ per serving! (Cost is for oats only; toppings not included in price comparison). I usually eat oatmeal or homemade muesli for breakfast. Our cheapest source for oats is in a 25 lb. bag for $30.39 that we purchase at US Foods Chef’Store.  This calculates to $1.21/lb. For many years, it was priced at about $17/25 lbs. but the price went up post-COVID.  But, it’s been about a year since I’ve seen that price. The increase in price per pound only bumped up the price by 4¢ per serving, so still a great deal! The oats we currently buy are Bob’s Red Mill, which I feel is a high quality product.

25 lb. bag of Bobs Red Mill Oats

(I know there has been concern about GMO’s in regards to oats, and you can read Bob’s Red Mill’s letter about their products HERE.) For Price Comparison: These very same oats cost $7.79/32 oz.=$3.89/lb., or 63¢ per serving at my local grocery store!

I save 70% by buying oats in bulk.

Note that this is the best price for my area – yours may vary.  You may even discover a cheaper source! Over time, this adds up to a lot of money saved! You would save hundreds of dollars a year just by changing the way you buy oatmeal! You can use this same strategy for other items on your grocery list, and you will save an incredible amount over time.

You can even order bulk items for Home Delivery:

US Foods Chef’Store uses Instacart for online orders. With Instacart, your 1st order will deliver for free. You may find other Warehouse type stores in your area that deliver, too.

Storage: Since we buy our oats in 25 lb. bags, we bought large food-grade airtight buckets that we keep in our hall closet. For other grains we buy in bulk, I keep most in the freezer to keep fresh.   Happy Saving! 🙂   


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