How I Save About 50% on Brown Rice

Rice in ziploc bags

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We were packing up our rice for the freezer today, and I wanted to share how much we save on rice by paying the lowest price and buying in bulk.

There are several items that I buy during my “Monthly Shopping” that don’t tend to come up for sales. These include staple items like rice, beans, flours, etc. I have compared prices at all my local sources, and buy wherever is the best price. The prices on these types of items don’t tend to change much over time, either. I use the strategy of a Price Book to pay the lowest price.

We purchased this rice in a 25 lb. bag at US Foods Chef’Store (a local Warehouse store in our area) for $.63/lb. We have even purchased it there for cheaper than this in the past.

Comparable rice sells at my local Safeway for $1.09/lb.:

This is a savings of $.46 per lb. It really adds up!

If you don’t have US Foods Chef’Store in your area, you may have similar Warehouse type stores. Costco has some good bulk deals, too. Just compare your prices! Even small bags at stores like Grocery Outlet may be your best deal. I can’t stress enough to compare prices to save the most money on your food budget.

If you buy your staples this way, you will save an enormous amount of money over time. You could start out by buying just one bulk item to get started.

You can even order bulk items for Home Delivery:

US Foods Chef’Store uses Instacart for online orders. You may find other Warehouse type stores in your area that deliver, too.

How we cook our rice:

Brown rice cooked in our rice cooker

We eat a lot of brown rice at our house, and have found a rice cooker makes perfect rice every time. We have this inexpensive one, and it works great! It has a brown rice setting:

I hope these tips will also help you save money on your pantry staples. Happy Saving!


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