Grocery Outlet Weekly Deals 10/27-11/02

Grocery Outlet storefront at night

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Grocery Outlet All NEW Weekly Deals – Starts Wed. It’s a Stock-Up for the Pantry Kind of Week! Lots of Canned Tomato Items, $.50 Canned Chilis, Save on Cereal, Beans, Rice, Pancake Syrup. So Delicious Yogurt $.50 + Much More for Less!

These are the BEST DEALS for plant-based and vegan groceries that are advertised starting Wednesday at my three local Grocery Outlet stores in Pleasant Hill, Concord & Clayton, CA.

Shopping Tips for Grocery Outlet:

Selection can vary among stores, so you may want to check the flyer for your area before heading out.  You can look at your area’s weekly flyer HERE.

However, I have found that even if something is advertised at a different store, chances are it can be found at several stores, and often even beyond that week’s ad. You can go HERE and see past week’s deals that you may still find at your store.

Since shopping at Grocery Outlet is a treasure hunt,  you are bound to find additional deals!  Don’t miss their “NOSH” section, where you will find many plant-based deals.  You can read about various ways to obtain store coupons for Grocery Outlet in my post HERE.

Happy Saving! 🙂

Note: I do my best to only include items that are vegan, but some of the items at Grocery Outlet I am not always familiar with. I do look up ingredients for these products, but sometimes they are closeouts and difficult to get info. about. I trust you check ingredients as diligently as I do! 🙂

Note on photos: Some may be illustrative of a product, but not the actual product. For example, I may use a general photo of apples I took to report on a sale on apples

These are sales that are advertised at the three stores (Pleasant Hill, Concord & *Clayton, CA) in my area. Sales can also be beyond the advertised areas, you can check your flyers HERE.

*The Clayton store is actually in the city of Concord, it’s referred to as the “Clayton Valley” store, on the border of Concord/Clayton.

Prices and availability may vary per locations. I like to include the advertised sales from all three of my local stores as similar deals can also be widespread at other Grocery Outlet locations. The sales will often go beyond one week as well.


Pantry & Snacks

Grocery Outlet cart with Mom's cereal, Kite Hill cream cheese, silken tofu, lentils and salad pak
One of my Grocery Outlet Trips

California Healthy Harvest Diced Green Chiles 2/$1=$.50 ea. Great price!

Barbara’s Organic Brown Rice Crisps Cereal 10 oz. $.99

Avelina Old Fashioned Rolled Oats 16 oz. $.99

Oats in canister

Aunt Jemima Lite Syrup 24 oz. $.99

Sri Thai Jasmine Rice 16 oz. $.99

Delallo Radiatori or Ziti Pasta 16 oz. $1.49

Parade Cornbread Stuffing Mix 6 oz. $1.49 Check if vegan

Casa Generosa Tomato Wedges In Oil/Spices 10 oz. $.59

Best West Tomato Sauce 15 oz. $.79

Hunts 100% Natural Tomato Sauce No Salt Added 33.5 oz. carton $1.99

Calif. Healthy Harvest Tomatoes With Italian Herbs 15 oz. $.99

Calif. Healthy Harvest Tomato Paste 28 oz. $1.49

Herdez Salsa Taquera 7 oz. $.79

La Victoria Salsa Jalapeno Extra Hot 12 oz. $1.49

Los Mochis Enchilada Sauce Green 19 oz. $.99

Beanvivio Organic Baja Black Beans, Refried Pinto Beans or  Coconut Curry Chickpeas 10 oz. (in a pouch) $1.99

Hunts Bbq Sauce Classic Hickory 18 oz. $.99 Check for vegan, I’ve seen anchovy in some BBQ sauces

Early Garden French Style Green Beans 14.5 oz. $.99

French’s Yellow Mustard 9 oz. $.99

Ocean Craisins Reduced Sugar 6 pack $1.49

Chase Pecan Pieces 8 oz. $2.99

Diamond Shelled Walnuts 24 oz. $7.99

Pain Is Good Ghost Pepper Peanuts 9 oz. $3.99

Blue Diamond Sea Salt Blueberry Almonds 5 oz. $.99

Blue Diamond Sea Salt Blueberry Almonds bag

Superior Nut Salted Almond Mix 28 oz. $9.99

Yo Mama’s Pasta Sauce, asst. 25 oz. $3.99

Quaker Popped Rice Crisps Kettle Corn 3.52 oz. $.99

Blue Evolution Popcorn, asst. $1.99

Stacy’s Pita Chips Simply Naked 7.33 oz. $1.49

Late July Grain Free Sea Salt Crackers 4.9 oz. $.99

Que Pasa Blue Tortilla Chips 11 oz. $1.99

Takis Fuego Waves Potato Chips 8 oz. 2/$1

Snapdragon Vietnamese Pho 9 pack $9.99 Check if vegan

Anatolia Organic Sun Dried Figs 5 oz. $1.99

Tasty Bite Organic Chana Masala – bulk pack of 8! $9.99

Near East Roasted Garlic & Olive Rice 4.7 oz. $.99

Sweet Heart Organic Matcha Powder 4 oz. $3.99

Sweet Heart Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder 3.5 oz. $6.99

Refrigerated, Frozen & Beverages

So Delicious Vanilla Coconut Milk Yogurt 2/$1=$.50 ea.! Great price!

So Delicious Yogurt Cups and Pairings at Grocery Outlet
Vanilla is advertised this week, you may find other flavors as well

Milkadamia Unsweetened Macadamia Latte Da 32 oz. $1.99

Snapple Premium Straight Up Tea 6 pack bottles $2.99

Tastie Choice Red Kidney Bean Curry $1.99

Silk Coconut Milk, unsweetened 64 oz. $1.99

Icee Assorted Freezer Pops $.99

Izze Sparkling Peach 4 pack bottles $1.99

V8 +Energy Peach Mango 24 pack $7.99

Health-Ade Power Greens Kombucha 16 oz. $2.49

San Pellegrino Essenza Caramel Coffee 8 pack $3.99

San Pellegrino Essenza bottles dark cherry/pomegranate 24 pack $9.99

three cartons of Silk milk & Heinz catsup bottles in Grocery Outlet shopping cart
I often find fantastic deals on plant-based milks!

Images used in this post are my own original photos or supplied by my advertisers with permission in promotion of their products.


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