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For Individuals:

I’ve posted about WowButter a couple of times before. If you are curious about it and want to try it, you can order this Free Sample. You will receive TWO FREE individual Wow Butter tubs!

For Schools or Organizations:

If you are a school or organization, you may be eligible to receive a case of 175 Free Samples!

We do not have peanut allergies, but went peanut-free a number of years ago as two of our family friends have serious allergies. They eat here often, and with so many alternatives on the market like this, it was easy to give up peanut butter. My daughter likes WowButter the best, and she says it tastes the closest to peanut butter (she used to eat peanut butter on a near daily basis). Straight from a spoon I can detect a texture difference, but in sandwiches, cookies, smoothies etc. the taste is darn near the same.

In order to get the Free sample, you may have to call a # and put the code in the form. Apparently they only have a certain amount per day, so it’s best to check early.

I order Wowbutter from Amazon in bulk with my Swagbucks gift cards or my Amazon points credit card. I like to use my points and Free gift cards on groceries, and for items we may not have at the stores.

I often buy the bulk 2-pack of Wow Butter, you can check the current price. I buy whatever is the best price at the time per oz.


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