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Gala Apples in a row

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There are many items we eat on a regular basis, and apples are one of them. I have a “Master Grocery List” that includes items we always buy. I keep my pantry, fridge and freezer stocked with these items, purchased at the best price.

Pink Lady Apples at Sprouts

Some items on our Master List we buy during our Monthly Shopping Trips (those items are usually a set price) and some we buy during the Weekly Sales. The one thing they both have in common is the price I am willing to pay. This price is based on what I know is the lowest price they will sell for. Not on a weekly basis, but at an all-time low. My Price Book determines the best price for whatever I want to buy.

My Buy Price for apples is $1/lb. or lower. They often come up at this price on Weekly Deals. The trick is to buy enough to get you to the next sale. I use this strategy for all my groceries.

Apples have a lot going for them: In terms of nutrition, price and long term storage, they are hard to beat. They will store for up to 2 months in the refrigerator. They are also easy to grab on the go and hold up well in lunch boxes.

We definitely eat at least an apple a day: My husband brings an apple every day with his lunch, and I eat half an apple with my morning muesli. Daughter and friends enjoy apples dipped in Wow Butter for snacks.

This week Gala Apples might be on sale for $.99/lb., and next week it could be Fuji. The same Gala Apples that are on sale this week may be priced at $3/lb. next week. I don’t have a “favorite apple”, and therefore any $.99 apple is good to me. We have also tried many apples we may have not otherwise with this buying strategy.

At $.99/lb. a medium sized apple costs about $.30 ea. Conversely, at $2.99 a lb., you will pay almost a dollar each. The savings on eating the less expensive one really adds up over time.

My local Sprouts store always has a couple of apple varieties on sale, and at least two of them are usually $.99/lb. Safeway often has sales on apples for $.99/lb. but not every week. If you start taking note of prices, you will automatically lower your grocery budget. The surprising thing is you can buy the same items you were already buying for less–A lot less.

And, if you are particular to a favorite apple, you could just buy enough until they are on sale again. Which they will be. Trust me. And trust the doctor lore of an “Apple a Day…” You just don’t have to pay 3x as much for it. 🙂


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